I am a photographer based in London who specializes in creative portrait and 20th Century Art. Inspired by interesting people, fashion photography, good design, grand architecture, books and music that fill the soul with time travels in mere milliseconds and click stops of frames in shutter speeds. Let me introduce myself. I am firstly a lover of art and have always been so.

My career as an art photographer was the perfect choice for myself. It meant working daily with two of my passions - how fantastic is that. Having established myself as an art photographer I have met a most interesting selection of personalities and seen a whole spectrum of artworks.

I have been involved in the art world for over 25 years now. My journey began while working at Sotheby’s and later with Christies. I was lucky enough to work on private collections which took me to Paris, Vienna, and Munich, Monte Carlo and Tel Aviv to name but a few places. Around 1990 I took the plunge and set up my own art photography company and with my contacts have been able to continue working with art.

Being a freelance photographer my work has introduced me to numerous London art galleries and gallery owners, many private collectors and corporate collections, and also museum collections which have all been so interesting to see. I also now know personally and deal directly with a number of artists whose works I have photographed for them for exhibitions or catalogue for sales or for their own library portfolio.

As you can tell I have had and still have a great job that I love doing.

+44  0 78602 67059